Spigen OneTap Ring Adapter MagSafe, black

Spigen OneTap Ring Adapter MagSafe, black



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Spigen OneTap Ring Adapter MagSafe

  • Transform any case into a MagSafe compatible case with a simple installation. This sleek and smart design keeps a firm hold on to its magnetic counterpart with minimal added depth for a seamless look.
  • *MagSafe charging only works with compatible devices
  • *Some cases won’t support wireless charginge
  • Add magnetic MagSafe compatibility to your case
  • OneTap technology takes less than one second to precisely mount to Magsafe accessories
  • [EZ Fit] An innovative, auto-alignment tool for effortless installation
  • Thin, smooth, and processed edge to reduce cuts and increase safety
  • Once installed the ring can be removed but not repositioned
  • Will not work on leather or patterned/uneven surfaces
  • Please install outside of your case (not inside)
  • Material: Metal

Package includes:

  • Spigen OneTap Ring Adapter MagSafe