Catalyst Clip It case, black – Apple AirTag

Catalyst Clip It case, black – Apple AirTag



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Catalyst Stick It Case, black

  • This case is the total solution to fit your lifestyle. Not only is it drop-proof and waterproof – but it’s the perfect solution for your pets, kids, and any emergency moment.
  • Waterproof (330 ft)
  • ach Total Protection Clip-It case for AirTag attaches to most straps ensuring that your prized possessions such as your pet’s collar, camera strap, or even kid’s shoes are safe and sound!
  • Designed with raised edges to protect from bumps and scratches, each Total Protection Hang-It case has 10ft Military Standard 810G Drop Protection ensuring that your valuables are always safe and secure
  • All of our AirTag cases are completely compatible with the AirTag signal technology ensuring premium protection while emitting sound in hard-to-find places. 
  • Ultra-slim case that is easy to open.

Package includes:

  • 1x Case Front (with Non-Slip Grip Twist Cap)
  • 1x Silicone Wrap (with sealing rib to protect against water & shock)
  • 1x Case Back (with clip that fastens to belts and straps up to 30mm wide)